You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one. - Imagine, John Lennon

ADOS is enthusiastic with making the world more inclusive and diverse for each and every individual.
We will provide you a unique experience with brand new technologies and ideas.
Empower yourself and watch your own ideals come true.

We create and maintain blockchain platforms where:

Every individual has a voice in governance,
Bleeding-edge technologies are utilized to implement unprecedented ideas,
projects created are sustainable, scalable, and resilient.

  • 2018
    • ~
      • Developing Blockchain Platforms / Application Services / Token Economy
    •   5
      • Developed ADOS Coin, which uses PoW consensus algorithm
      • Developed Dapp games on Ethereum
    •   3
      • Patent pending for blockchain-based authentication for IoT smart meters
  • 2017
    • 12
      • Developed "ADAM", an ERC20 Token
    • 10
      • Rebranded our business as ADOS Inc.
    •   6
      • Developed "bTrader", an arbitrage trading solution for cryptocurrency
  • 2016
    •   9
      • Launched "PigeeBoom" on Facebook Canvas
  • 2015
    •   7
      • Raised investment from DoubleUGames Co., Ltd.
    •   1
      • Verified our business as a venture from KIBO
  • 2014
    •   9
      • Founded PigFly Inc.

ADOS will be a technical leader in its industry of token economy.

With profound experiences in field of cryptocurrency, we design and implement various types of sustainable Token Economy using blockchain technology.

We design and develop:

  • Governance design


  • Token Generation Study

    Cryptographic Tokenization Methodology

  • plan

    Token Holder Incentivization Strategy

  • realization

    Technical Architecture

ADOS will provide new experiences with bleeding edge technology.

On top of our own token economy, we also develop decentralized applications for other platforms that facilitate distributed ledger technology.

Dapp categories that we develop:

  • game


  • timestamp

    Time-stamping Service

  • entertainment


  • etc

    Et cetera


You are welcome to ask us anything regarding projects/partnership/consulting/education/recruitment and more.
Feel free to leave a message.

Address: Unit B-520, 128, Beobwon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
T. +82-70-8812-1026   F. +82-2-796-1026   E.